9 th of August 2017




Once upon a time, Jeremy Viu, 24, a former student at ECE Bordeaux, was doing a school exchange in Puebla, Mexico. Fell under the spell, he decided to take a step in the field of tourism.

As you guessed, he fell in love with this incredible country that is Mexico.

And for two years he traveled all over the country. He marveled at the green nature of Chiapas, sunbathing admiring the turquoise beauty of the Caribbean coast, robbing the markets of Mexico DF, surfing in Puerto Escondido, and especially meeting people from all over the world.

He taught of all those European students who could never have experienced this adventure should discover this culture, to admire these landscapes and to meet the adorable Mexicans.

He decided to settle in Puebla, accompanied by his adorable mascot and love of his life, his Chowchow Nala.

He was almost a Mexican now, despite his blond hair, his very French dyed, and especially his beach towel from the Basque Country.

Through his travels, he met Sophie from Toulouse, a lawyer in a big company for two years in Puebla, and then Carlos, from Monterrey, head of a Mexican company for 8 years now.

After spending hours trying to convince Carlos that French cuisine was the best gastronomy in the world, and that tap dancing did not go with socks, they began to think about a solution to encourage and support young Europeans to also live a Mexican adventure.

During their travels, they met many students who fell in love with Mexico and wanted to extend their experience. Then the idea came to them to offer the opportunity to provide internships in Mexico to students from all over the world.

Doing an internship abroad and especially at the other end of the world can sometimes be stressful, they all knew and thought: “What if we offered them a turnkey internship? “Internship Wanted was born.

They decided to join their skills to create a bridge between Mexico and the world, between companies and trainees. The trainee allergic to the administrative, the shy trainee afraid not to integrate with the Mexican youth or simply the newly adventurous trainee scared to end up at the airport all by himself … Internship Wanted had to think of everyone. That’s why Jeremy, Carlos and Sophie created 4 packages adapted to each.

Being all three in Mexico and in partnership with event agencies, they could take care of trainees whether for practical advice or to go on weekends across the country. They were also close enough to handle problems in case of cactus sting or food poisoning if the student drank water by opening their mouths in the shower by inadvertence (yes, be careful the tap water is not drinking).

So now that they are ready to welcome you, do not hesitate to send them your resume and your letter of motivation, they will be delighted to meet you via Skype and find a perfect internship for you! Promised, you will not regret to join the team Cactus!