Privacy policy

INTERNSHIP WANTED, S.A. DE C.V. (hereinafter IW) with domicile at 8 avenida 7 oriente, El Centro, Ciudad de Puebla, Estado de Puebla, C.P. 72000, México, makes available this Privacy Notice in accordance with that stated in the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data held by Private Individuals (hereinafter, the Law) and as per articles 8, 15, 16, 33, 36 and others applicable of the Law and its regulations, concerning the right of every individual to privacy and informative self-determination.

a) Purpose, data processing by third parties and data gathering.

Due to its relationship with clients, employees, interns, suppliers and third parties, IW handles different kind of personal data to comply with its obligations, being responsible for the use given to such personal data and the protection of such according to the present notice. Accordingly, the gathering, procurement, use, storage, access and handling of personal data by IW shall be in accordance with the Law. For all legal purposes, we inform you that IW includes within its corporate purpose, among others, providing a service of internship offers for national and international students within the United Mexican States or abroad. On basis of the above and for the purpose of the notice, we inform you that the gathering, procurement, use, storage, access and handling of personal data by IW shall be in accordance with the Law, its regulations and applicable general provisions; such data shall serve the following purposes:

a) To comply with the corporate purpose of IW;
b) To allow IW to exercise its rights and to offer its services;
c) To conduct the trainee selection process for IW or for partner companies (hereinafter “partners”);
d) To verify personal and labor references as well as emergency contacts;
e) For the signature and proper performance of the contracts and internship agreements;
f) For data processing;
g) For the certifications;
h) For the registration in IW’s system as a client or partner of IW;
i) For wire transfers;
j) For the assessment of service quality;

For the foregoing purposes listed in the present privacy notice, IW gathers personal data which, depending on the relationship with IW, shall comprise data such as:

a) Personal data: name, home domicile, particular mobile, email, age, gender, place and date of birth, nationality, identification data, marital status, signature, digital signature, driver licence, passport, visa, name of relatives, dependents, beneficiaries (include data and documents), photos, languages, criminal record, and in your case data of your health insurance.
b) Patrimony data: payment methods, tax information, bank accounts.
c) Professional data: social security number, educational degree, labor precedents, results of the labor skill test, psychometric test, IQ, labor behavior and reliability, emergency contacts, recruitment, selection and training documentation, work career, current labor office, extracurricular activities, work references (letters of recommendation), personal references, educational career, titles, professional license, certificates, acknowledgements, insurances data.

These data are collected by IW at the time of:

a) Screening interns;
b) Receiving payments for the services provided; and
c) In all others cases referred in this paragraph.

Furthermore, IW gathers the personal data by telephone, e-mail or when visiting our website, in writing (by presenting files and/or filling forms) or by assisting to events organized by IW or third parties.

Gathered personal data will mainly be used by IW to provide a service of internship offers for national and international students within the United Mexican States or abroad, as well as to comply with the corporate purpose of IW, the respect of its rights of operation and in general for the purposes listed in the present Notice and any other type of related services or in relation with the corporate purpose of IW.

When providing information to IW via any mean, you confirm your agreement with the terms of this Privacy Notice, giving your full consent for the the gathering, procurement, use, storage, access and handling of personal data in accordance with the Privacy Notice. If you do not agree with any term of the Privacy Notice, please do not provide any personal data. If you decide to not provide certain personal data to IW, you accept the possibility of not having access to the services it provides, as well as that IW shall not comply with or complete those process for which said information is required, without such generating any liability to the later.

b) Security Measures.

IW assures you that your Personal Data will be treated under security measures (administrative, technical and physical) provided by the Law or other specifics laws, according to the kind of personal data and its management, ensuring its confidentiality at all times, avoiding non authorized accesses, damage, loss, alteration or destruction of your personal data. 

c) Data Assignment and management by third parties.

IW, to comply with its corporate purpose, in its relationship with clients, interns, suppliers, collaborators and third parties, as well as for the purposes listed in the present Notice, IW may:

  1. Use the personal data, as well as give access to third parties (natural or legal persons) hired for the purpose of processing data, issue certificates, execute economic studies, audits, in order for IW to exercise its rights and offer services provided by IW regarding its corporate purpose, to evaluate the service quality, for the administration of payments, issuance of invoices and payment receipts to banking institutions for bank transfers.
  2. Transfer your personal data to other persons for purposes stated in this Privacy Notice, including e-mails, mobiles (SMS, MMS messages among others) or other similar electronic communication mean or that may be developed, such transfers include without limitation, companies participating or related to IW (affiliated or subsidiary companies), partners, including third parties resulting from a corporate restructure, merge, consolidation, sale, liquidation, or assets transfer, either suppliers or clients, insurance companies, companies that provided management and storage of information services, to verify personal and labor references, external audit, bank institutions, whether they are natural of legal persons, either nationals or internationals, public or private, current or future and in general, to comply the obligations that IW acquired with you, where only the essential personal data shall be provided for the activity or specific services that said third parties shall execute.

The third parties that receive personal data for its administration or to whom the personal data is transferred, shall only receive those personal data required to perform their labors. IW shall not transfer to third parties any personal data for purposes other than those stated herein.

In accordance with the foregoing, IW shall keep the confidentiality and reserved use of your personal data, with the possibility of being transferred and managed in and out of the Mexican Republic.

If you do not state your opposition against transferring your personal data, it shall be understood as an agreement to do so. The aforementioned opposition shall be stated in accordance with that established in the “Means to exercise the access, rectification, cancelation or opposition rights” referred herein.

IW may execute personal data transfer without the consent of the data subject in accordance with that state in article 37 of the Law, meaning, in cases allowed by the law or agreements which Mexico is part of; transfer to companies of the same group operating under the same processes and internal policies, when necessary by virtue of an executed agreement or to be executed in benefit of the data subject; when necessary or legally demanded for the procurement or exercise of justice; for the recognition, exercise or defense of a right in a judicial process or to maintain or comply with the legal relationship between You and IW.

d) Means to exercise rights of access, rectification, cancelation or opposition (ARCO rights).

It is important to inform you that according to the Law, you have the right to access, rectify and cancel your personal data in possession of IW, as well as opposing to the processing or revoking the consent granted to IW.

If you want to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancelation or opposition regarding personal data in possession of IW, you can do so by giving a written request to the personal data department appointed for such purpose, located at 8 avenida 7 oriente, El Centro, Ciudad de Puebla, Estado de Puebla, C.P. 72000, México, or by email to, provided the data subject can be identified irrefutably through mechanisms of authentication previously established by IW, you will also have to call +52 983 116 8125 to confirm that IW has correctly received the email. The personal data department will receive and process the requests of the data subjects regarding its personal data in possession of IW. The schedule for request reception will be Monday to Thursday from 9 AM to 2 PM, except on days considered as mandatory break as defined by the current law or in case of labor suspension by disposition of the competent authorities.

In order to properly give respond to your request, IW will have a period of (20) twenty working days counted from the date in which the request of access, rectification, cancelation or opposition of its personal data was received, to respond via email at the email address provided or by phone at the last phone number provided. If the request is valid, it will be effective within the (15) fifteen working days after the date on which the previous answer was received. These deadlines could be extended only one time and for an equal period of time, if necessary due to the circumstances of the case. The delivery of information will proceed prior accreditation of your identity or your legal representative, as the case may be.

If you want to revoke the consent given for the management of personal data by IW, as well as express your opposition to receiving newsletters from IW, you must inform us in writing as established herein, the process and the deadlines established herein remain the same.

The requests you may submit in writing regarding the access, rectification, cancelation, opposition, revocation or refusal to keep receiving the communication, shall have: (i) your full name, (ii) the support documentation of identification and, as the case may be, the identification data of the legal representative, (iii) the domicile address, e-mail, phone number to which IW may communicate the answer to the request, (iv) the clear and precise description of the personal data pertaining to the request and (v) any other document that allows to ease the location of the personal data, also supporting the request.

You have the right to attend before the Federal Institute of Access to Information and Data protection if you consider that your right to protection of personal data is vulnerable.

e) Personal Data department.

The department of personal data for IW will be the intern recruitment department or the the department in charge of the activities related to the interns, independently of the designated name, is located at 8 avenida 7 oriente, El Centro, Ciudad de Puebla, Estado de Puebla, C.P. 72000, México and e-mail

f) Modifications to the Privacy Notice.

IW has the right to modify this privacy notice at its sole discretion. If this notice is modified, IW shall publish the new privacy notice via his website and via the domicile of IW, therefore we suggest you be aware and stay informed concerning any change. Any substantial change herein, unless resulting from a legal amendment from México or by order of a competent authority, shall be notified through our website with thirty calendar days in advanced in order for the corresponding modification to be effective.